basic floral design.

29 04 2009

The flowers are blooming and it is so much fun to be able to cut flowers from your own garden! Here are a few tips to insure success 🙂

*Cut your flowers in early morning or in the evening.  When it is still dark is best. The blooms will be nice and closed and will last longer once cut.

*Cut the stems at an angle with very sharp shears. The cleaner the cut the better the flowers will be able to “drink” once placed in water.


*Remove all greenery that would be under the water line on your vase.  Greenery under water encourages bacteria growth and the flowers will not last as long.


* Make sure the stems reach all the way to the bottom of the vase. This will look better and you won’t have to change the water as often.

* Add enough flowers so that the arrangement is at least 1 1/2 times the height of whatever vase or container you are using. A common mistake is to choose a vase that is too large and then just have a few flowers peeking out over the top of the vase.

* Change the water every couple of days, recutting the stems each time.






One response

29 04 2009

Good tips, thank you!!

I just got done reading several Dr. Seuss stories to Cayman so when I read your post I was expecting it to rhyme. :o)

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