29 04 2009

Wonderpets is a strange show.  Greta loves it and it is harmless, but I have no idea why it appeals to small children. Here is Greta singing the theme song to wonderpets. She is so cute it makes me want to like the show.




5 responses

29 04 2009

LOL!! I love the facial expressions she puts with the song!!

30 04 2009

Capt. Chaos loves the show too & will often break out in song. Whats up w/ celebrating w/ celery? who does that? At least its better than spongebob though, i’ve been trying to get him off that show for awhile!

1 05 2009
Sarah Virchow

Aaron and I love that show we watched it before Allie was born! We have a pet rabbit and she loves celery….so cute! Good lessons in it too!

1 05 2009
jill suzanne

i looked it up on youtube. i think it’s cute!

8 05 2009

only problem I have with wonderpets is it teaches children what tone def singing is like. You would think out of all the children in the world they could pick ones that could actually sing.

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