plans, schmans.

7 05 2009

This week is not going as planned.

This our schedule as it was and how it has been amended.

WEDNESDAY- Miles’ physical therapy cut therapy short due to a grumpy baby, Miles’ Dr. appointment with eye Dr. miss eye appointment due to high fever, vomiting, seizure and trip to the ER. Work on wedding music some more, Stay up all night with a baby that will barely sleep.

THURSDAY- Drop kids off at Nana’s, work on wedding flowers for this weekend and the mountain of Mother’s Day orders. Stay home with sick baby and go to work after Daddy gets home. Leave Greta overnight at Nana’s.  Work feverishly to finish wedding and Mother’s Day flowers. Drive back to Lincoln late at night.

FRIDAY- Work on Mother’s Day flowers, Sing at wedding, Use replacement singers for wedding, Work on Mother’s Day flowers some more, Stay at Joe’s Dad’s house overnight. Go home after work and crash!

SATURDAY-Work on Mother’s Day orders. (hopefully this will stay the same)

SUNDAY-Sing at church, Drive to Neola for lunch, Drive to Wahoo for dinner. (I really, really hope this doesn’t change!)




One response

8 05 2009

I hope Miles is feeling better, hate to hear all you went through. Hope you get some rest too!

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