Opal the pig.

20 05 2009

Greta has passed the princess stage and the tinkerbell fascination and has moved on to—-Opal the pig.  She is so committed to being a real pig that she walks around with her hands like this…


Which makes doing things like opening a door or drinking a glass of milk a little difficult, but she will NOT break character and suffers through it!

We have even found her in her bed (after she has been tucked in for the night with her pajamas on) shivering in only her pull-up because everyone knows that animals do not wear pajamas!


Opal the pig DOES, however, wear swim suits.  She also loves to hold hands…but once again, this is difficult because of the pig hands.

I love this girl!





3 responses

20 05 2009

Sherri, she cracks me up!!! She is definately destined for the theater!

21 05 2009

this is from daddy.

notice the pig hands in each picture. She is so nuts!

21 05 2009
jill suzanne

yay! i’m excited to see you all soon!!!

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