16 06 2009

Yay! I finally figured out how to blog on my tiny new computer  🙂 I don’t think I could possibly catch you up on what we have been up to for the last (almost) month! BUT- I will try.

Swimming with James on Memorial Day…brrrrr!

2009 002

Swinging on Memorial Day

2009 006

Greta and Mimi at the Mother-Daughter Brunch/Fashion show

2009 012

Grandpa and Joe on the camping trip to Arrowhead

2009 023

Miles camping 🙂

2009 025

Crazy Nana grilling and doing yoga?!?!! 🙂

2009 028

I think Greta could have  lived on the camp ground!

2009 026

Greta’s “ballerina dress” that she created using a skirt with the sewn in shorts pulled up!2009 021

And, finally…this is what 42 socks on one foot looks like

2009 015




4 responses

16 06 2009

thank goodness you’re back! If I din’t know you irl, i would’ve thought you had fallen off the face of the earth…welcome back to the blogging world! Love the pics

16 06 2009

Yay! You blogged! I’ve missed you! You’ve been busy. I love the quick photo summary of the past month. Has Greta’s hair gotten more blonde? I love Miles’ striped outfit. And what’s up with the 42 socks?

16 06 2009

Your back!! I missed you too! I’ve been thinking about your family alot lately, I LOVE the pics, Miles looks so happy swinging & I love Greta’s flair for fashion:)

19 06 2009

are there seriously 42 socks on that foot? and why?

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