18 06 2009

I always love it when other (hydro) Moms share little tips and things that have made life easier- so here’s something I’ve found to be helpful. It is called a Rody. They have them at Miles’ PT office. They are meant to help with balance. It is great because they are close to the floor and Miles just LOVES bouncing on it. He still needs a lot of help staying on, but I can see this being a great too for balance!You can use them to bounce or scoot- they are technically for ages 2-4.   We will definitely be investing in one, or two of these little horses as  the next time we have some extra cash. Greta loves them too, she begs the Physical therapist as soon as we arrive to ride the horses…but if you ask me, they look a little more like a llama, or an alpaca 🙂





3 responses

18 06 2009

If/when Cayman ever figures out balance and starts to show interest in bouncing, this might be a cool thing to look into. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy tips from other hydro mom’s too.

I completely agree about the llama part!

18 06 2009

ha ha! It does look like a llama! I saw one of these on another blog I frequent…Was thinking the same thing, that if/when Matthew can ever hold his head up, it;s be a nice thng to have around!

18 06 2009

Ooo I saw this on another blog too! I agree it not looking like a horse, but it looks like so much fun!

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