Cranial Remodeling, Day 1.

30 06 2009

The big surgery is complete! Everything went even better than planned.  The 2 surgeons seemed very pleased with what they were able to do and seem to think that if everything heals beautifully- he may not need the 2nd surgery.  They ended up taking about 1 1/2″ off of his skull and rounded things out. They did have to move his shunt a little and the Neurosurgeon was able to manually drain some of the CSF (fluid) and compress his brain somewhat.  His CT scans will look a lot different from now on.

Right now, he is very swollen and this will only get worse before it gets better. He is in a lot of pain right now and we are expecting a rough night, but tomorrow should be much better (pain-wise).  We are once again in awe at how tough this little boy is! Thank you SO much to all who have, and still are praying for Miles.  This has gone much, much better than we could have anticipated.  Here are some photos of this adventure so far-

Miles waiting to go into surgery:

2009 070

Our tough little man after surgery:

2009 074

We can not wait to see this wonderful smile again :





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30 06 2009

I am so relieved and overjoyed to hear the positive news about Miles’ surgery. It must feel so relieving to have this surgery behind you, The anticipation for these things can feel more unbearable than the situation itself. I really hope he doesn’t need the 2nd surgery. How fantastic would that be! I’m praying you see that handsome smile return soon. It’s hard seeing their personalities disappear.

30 06 2009

Glad to hear that all went well. It’s so hard to see those post-op pictures. Not the Miles that I know. Can’t wait to see his smiling face again! Hope your night goes as smooth as possible. Praying for a quick recovery!

30 06 2009
jill suzanne

such a cute photo with his little cast on his head. 😀 i’m so happy it went well! i’ll be there for you in a week! yayaya!

30 06 2009

That second picture makes me so sad…..but I am sure he’ll be smiling again soon! Miles is always amazing!

I have had your family in my thoughts and prayers non stop. I hope things continue to go well 🙂

30 06 2009

I am SO HAPPY to hear that everything went great! We will see his smile again soon, what a trooper. Isn’t it great how they can drain th csf during surgery? I was happy when they did that to Little Man- more room for brain growth! I’ll keep praying for Miles!!

30 06 2009

I am cracking up at your comment about 3 less mullets in the world! That’s hilarious!

However, I am sorry that you didn’t get to save a snippet of Miles hair.

30 06 2009

I’m so glad it went so well! I hope they’re able to keep that pain under control – poor baby! I’ll be praying for a really quick recovery!

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