Cranial Remodeling, Day 2.

1 07 2009

Day two was pretty uneventful.  After lunch we packed up and moved out of the PICU to the 5th floor. Miles was eating a little more today and even sat up in bed to feed himself some cereal. No smiles yet, but he kept making this face…I have NO idea what it means!:

2009 079

But, most of his day was spent like this:

2009 076

This afternoon his temp was up to 103, but it is down to 101 now.  Temperatures are common after surgery, especially with swelling, but we were hoping to get it under control so that he would not be at risk for a seizure. At about 8pm his left eye started to swell shut. Today has been a pretty good day, he has slept almost non-stop and has not cried near as much. Here’s hoping and praying that tomorrow is even better! Goodnight.




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1 07 2009

Glad you all had a fairly uneventful day!! I think we’re gonna try to come see you thursday if that is okay??

1 07 2009

It brought a smile to my face to read that Miles was sitting up and even feeding himself some. If it was me that just went through that, I would still be in bed groaning. What a strong little dude! We’re sending lots of love and prayers for Miles to feel better quickly and for that smile to return.

1 07 2009

Glad things are going well. Thanks for the updates!! What adorable photos… the first one looks like he just wants to give you some kisses 🙂

1 07 2009

I love that kissy face! Prayers for continued healing coming your way!

1 07 2009

Mike says that he knows what that look of Miles is:


🙂 🙂

2 07 2009

Kristen that is exactly what I was thinking when I took those pictures……bluesteal!

I miss you guys! Wish I could be there today and not at work 😦

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