Cranial Remodeling, Day 3.

2 07 2009

Today was a little more interesting. Dr. Puccioni came this morning and removed Miles’ bandages.  You could tell immediately that he felt much better having them off! His head looks surprisingly good and the incision is very well done. Once his hair grows out- you will barely be able to see the scar. We were able to wean Miles off of the morphine today and he sat up for us several times to eat.  We are pretty sure that he smiled when we let him play with a flower! I am hoping to get a lot of smiles tomorrow.  So far, Miles has had a lot of visitors (some repeat visitors even!) Nana, Grandpa, Mimi, Papa, Co-K, Papa K, Heather, MeMaw, Michelle, Annie, Jessica, Nick, Jake, Sarah, Dorene, Brita (Baby Lewis), Jeanna, Abi, Greta :), Denise, Grandma Lee, Page, Hope, Ben—sorry if I forgot anyone! Miles is one blessed little boy. He even got a cool fishie puppet from his friend Cayman 🙂

Here are some photos of Miles with his bandages off.

2009 081

2009 082




4 responses

2 07 2009

That is a lot of visitors! What a social little guy Miles is!! It’s such a blessing to have so many visitors. It really helps break up the long waiting days in the hospital.

2 07 2009

Miles looks awesome (& angelic)! So glad that he’s healing great & getting lots of visitors 🙂

3 07 2009

Oh Miles, hope you heal quick buddy! So glad that everything went well Sherri, glad to see all the updates!

3 07 2009

Thanks for letting us have lunch with you today! It was so great to visit and see Miles! He’s one awesome little dude! Glad to hear you’ll be home tomorrow!

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