1 week post-op.

6 07 2009

Well, it has already been one week since the big surgery. Miles is crawling around and  pretty much back on his regular sleeping schedule. He is not talking as much as he usually does and is a lot crabbier. Really, he is doing very, very well. The swelling is going down nicely on the sides, but the top and back are still pretty swollen. Here are the official 1 week post-op photos.

2009 0872009 088

2009 089

2009 090




7 responses

6 07 2009

I am so impressed, in just one week he’s moving around so much! What a trooper!!

7 07 2009

He looks awesome! What an amazing little boy!

7 07 2009

He has to be the strongest little boy in the world!! How the heck is he crawling all over the place after having brain surgery 1 week ago. He even went “camping” with Greta and i today in the living room, crawling through our fort smiling all the way.

7 07 2009

He looks great! What a trooper!

8 07 2009

*tender hugs*

I’m glad he’s getting around! That is amazing! I can imagine it’s still a bit painful. I mean, I would certainly expect headaches or something after such a big surgery. He’s such an amazing little guy!!

8 07 2009

He’s looking great! Have you given into the urge to measure his head yet? It’s great to see him up and about!

13 07 2009

He is truly an incredible little man! I am so happy that everything went well for you all and that he is making such a speedy recovery.

Best wishes to you all for continued progress

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