2 weeks post-op.

15 07 2009

Wow! What a crazy week…but more about that later 🙂 Monday marked 2 weeks since the operation. Miles is doing awesome! He is back to normal during the day- playing, eating, napping, but at bedtime he is still having a little trouble getting comfortable and sleeping all the way through the night. We will have appointments next week with his Neurosurgeon, Plastic surgeon and his Pediatrician.

Today he had his formal evaluation from his speech therapist. An average child scores 100 on the test. There is also a 15 point range in either direction that is considered normal.  Basically anywhere from 85-115 is appropriate for his age. He scored an 81. Just a little below average. I was actually pleasantly surprised! His therapist mentioned that anytime a young child has multiple hospitalizations- they will naturally be delayed in speech. She also said that if a child is delayed in their motor skills that they are also almost always delayed in speech.  I am pretty excited that we were able to get Miles into speech therapy as it is in high demand and waiting lists are long. I think he will do really well!

Here are some photos of how his head is shaping up–

2009 028

2009 030




3 responses

15 07 2009

Oh, he looks so great! And wonderful news on the speech! That’s just awesome for a kid who has been through as much as Miles has. You’ve got to be a happy Momma!

16 07 2009
jill suzanne

wow! that is really good! i’m so happy 😀

18 07 2009

He looks awesome & YAY on the speech score!

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