2 08 2009

OK, I am a klutz. Understatement…I am a HUGE klutz.  Already this weekend, I have spilled an entire bottle of nail polish, dropped a knife on my foot AND—-this….OK, let me start by saying that I have allergies.  It is hayfever season in Nebraska. I’ve been sneezing all weekend.  So, tonight when my eyes were blurry (a side effect of itchy eyes) I didn’t think much. Then I went into the bathroom to wash my hands and saw that one of my pupils was dilated. This can only mean one thing…I some how managed to get Miles’ eye drops into MY eye. Good grief! I think I should just give up and go to bed!

2009 122




3 responses

2 08 2009

That is toooooo funny!

4 08 2009

typical. you’re so funny without even trying.

10 08 2009

LOL…that’s hilarious!

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