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20 08 2009

Just a few short weeks ago, Miles was not able to accomplish the task of drinking from his sippy cup while sitting. The gravity from his little noggin was just too much.  Well, he has been doing this for about 2 weeks now…along with talking up a storm! His speech therapy has been working wonders and he is jabbering like crazy. While he has been babbling since he was about 7 months old, it has just been recently that he has been using words with meaning! I can not tell you how exciting it is to hear his sweet little voice. Who’s to say if these new milestones are a direct result of his cranial remodeling surgery…but we sure are enjoying them!

2009 128




4 responses

20 08 2009

Good job Miles! Its so exciting seeing them accomplishing new things! Looks like Miles is really working hard and its paying off!

20 08 2009

Isn’t it rewarding to think these changes are coming about from his cranial reconstructive surgery? It’s so much better to think (and know) that such a procedure wasn’t in vain. That’s exciting! And please post a video of Miles’ cute little voice. I’m just dieing to hear it!

22 08 2009

How awesome is that?! Way to go!!!

22 08 2009

Awesome job, Miles! Isn’t is great to see him take off!

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