a declaration of love.

24 08 2009

Have I told you how much I love my little boy? I am utterly crazy about him! He has the sweetest, most gentle spirit. He has blessed me in ways I can not even articulate.

2009 141

A friend of mine once asked me if I was able to see him as a blessing (despite all of the surgeries, therapies, Dr. appointments, etc)

He is the kind of blessing you don’t even know you want. But  the one who created me, who knows me better than anyone, knew just what I needed. God has been SO good to us.  Each milestone is a triumph. Each new word is a miracle.

He is a perfect blessing.




4 responses

25 08 2009

I feel the same way about my miracle.

25 08 2009

I feel the same way about my little Bryleigh! Its a type a blessing only a mommy whose been there can completly understand 🙂 God bless to you!

25 08 2009

What an amazing little man!!!

26 08 2009
Sarah Virchow

That is the sweetest little picture to go with something so sweet! Children are all PERFECT in their own little ways. I almost shed a tear there! 🙂

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