the ultimate grocery list.

28 08 2009

My weekly grocery trip with Greta and Miles in tow is one of the highlights of my week. I am beginning to realize just how odd this is.  It is really an enjoyable time with the kids and usually does not take us very long. Here are my tips for the “ultimate” grocery experience!

*Make your weekly menu- go through the pantry and fridge and determine what items need to be used up. Read the weekly specials for the store you will be shopping at and plan accordingly. If you use coupons, pull the good ones. After you have made your menu, start your list.

*Make categories for your list- PRODUCE, MEAT, DAIRY, CANNED/PACKAGED, BAKING, FROZEN, and MISCELLANEOUS—or whatever categories you like 🙂

*Go through your list and estimate how much each item will be. Here is an example of what my PRODUCE category usually looks like.




other fruit-3



…you get the idea. This will help you to stay within your budget.  As you shop you can keep track of how much the items actually are and then if you have any extra money you can get a few splurge items 🙂 like ice cream or goldfish crackers (yes, those are splurges at our house!)

*Let little ones “help” by putting groceries into the cart or on the conveyor belt, and keep energetic little ones close by, by having them keep one hand on the cart at all times.

Making a list with categories will keep you from walking back and forth over and over in the store and estimating amounts for each item will keep your budget on track.

So,  give it a try and happy shopping!!




5 responses

28 08 2009

this wouldn’t happen to be from my public statement of how much i dislike grocery shopping, would it? ha ha ha

28 08 2009

btw, i actually do all of those things!

28 08 2009

Kim- you just reminded me that I wanted to do this post. I have lots of Mommies reading this blog, so hopefully it’s helpful. I’m trying really hard to get organized. The shopping is very organized, the cleaning…not always 😉

28 08 2009

You are impressive. You could publish a book like Martha Stewart.

28 08 2009

I agree with Kristen… you should definitely write a book… or at least a monthly article in a parenting magazine! When I have kids someday, I’m gonna sit down and re-read all of your posts for inspiration and helpful tips.

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