back to school.

31 08 2009

Greta’s first day of preschool was this morning! There was an extra little twinkle in her eye. She was so excited and was very intent on showing off her new backpack to each classmate.

Miles and I have big plans for her school days. On Mondays and Wednesdays we have speech therapy and on Wednesday afternoons we will have physical therapy. That should keep us busy and it will be great to have some “just Mommy and Miles” time.  I have  a sneaking suspicion that our house will be a little cleaner as well. It’s a LOT easier to clean house while just looking after one little sweetie.

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8 responses

31 08 2009

so sad i missed her going to school!

31 08 2009

what a little sweetie!

31 08 2009

that backpack rocks! i kinda wish i had sent camryn to preschool just so she could have that cool backpack!

31 08 2009

Very sweet!! I love her outfit! And her backpack too!

31 08 2009

Oh, she is just the most adorable thing! It’s always so sad when they leave for school, but then again it’s always so nice to have that little break too!

2 09 2009

Hey, we made sweet potato pancakes for breakfast this morning. Very yummy!!!

3 09 2009

Oh goodness, goodness. Could she be any prettier? And the outfit, could it be any cuter? And the backpack….that really is the best backpack I have ever seen.

Enjoy your time with Miles!

7 09 2009

Aww, how cute! Ava is starting preschool this week too! Love the piggy backpack.

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