yakety yak.

19 09 2009

Miles has really been taking off with his speech thanks to his fabulous speech therapist!

Here are 3 videos of his favorite words…enjoy!




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19 09 2009
Carol Hain

Thanks for sharing these Sherri! They sure put smiles on MY face, and Miles looks so proud of himself too!

19 09 2009

Oh how awesome!!! I’m so excited for you guys, he’s really make HUGE progress.

20 09 2009

How sweet, what a big boy he is getting to be!

21 09 2009

I am such a sap I am crying now!! lol!!

21 09 2009

Wow! Look at him go! Elijah still isn’t saying much at all. I keep wondering when I should call to have him evaluated.

Miles is so cute! I love the videos! He has such a great smile.

23 09 2009

I do not know how I missed this post! Miles sounds fantastic! He says “more” so clearly! It is so much fun watching him talk and learn. He has my attention captured…and Cayman’s too. She was sitting on my lap while I watched the videos.

Oh and I don’ t mind at all that you linked to my post today. I know there’s been many times I have connected to your words and thoughts too. We are so blessed.

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