it’s that easy.

14 10 2009

You know that lovely,  luxurious foaming soap? I love it!  But, did you know that those foaming soap containers are reusable? You simply fill the container 1/3 full (or less!) with regular liquid soap and fill to the top with water.  Give it a little shake and there you go! I used my Dr. Bronner’s soap (you could even use antibacterial if you must).  Speaking of Dr. Bronner’s…it is pretty cool stuff. You can use it for practically anything! Just don’t try to read the label 🙂 My wonderful mother-in-law was kind enough to donate 2 foaming bottles to the Lee household and we have been fabulously foamy ever since.





5 responses

15 10 2009

good to know..I usually refill mine, but with the refillable foaming soap..glad to know it’s cheaper than that to do it your way!

16 10 2009
Jill Suzanne

cute headline.

17 10 2009

love dr bronners!

20 10 2009

That is a great idea…

need info…How do I follow your blog?

20 10 2009

Monica- I know there are several websites out there that will allow you to follow blogs. If you have a gmail account, you can sign up for google reader easily (that is what I use). If not, you could do a search for google reader and then create an account. Once you have a google reader account and find a blog you would like to follow, you just click on the little orange box that is to the right of the web address and follow the instructions. From there, google reader works like email, notifying you when your favorite blogs have been updated!

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