Miles updates.

21 10 2009

day 119Well, we have a few updates from the last couple of weeks.  We recently met with Dr. Legge (Ophthalmologist) and set up Miles’ eye muscle surgery for November 19th. It will be nice to have this out of the way. It will be the last of the planned surgeries.  With a shunt, there is always a chance of an emergency surgery, but so far- so good.

On last Wednesday, one of Miles’ physical therapists decided it would be best not to meet anymore for awhile. Most of these sessions are spent with her trying to get Miles to stand and play, and Miles trying (and succeeding) to get away and explore. The result is that we are making the whole standing thing a very negative experience. She doesn’t want to see Miles until he is standing a lot more.

Then, yesterday- Miles’ other physical therapist and I figured out why Miles has been so wishy-washy with pulling up to stand. Before his big cranial remodeling surgery, he was pulling up to stand a lot. Then it stopped.  We realized that we had started his dilation drops around the same time. He has recently been pulling up to stand a lot again, but last week, stopped! It was also last week that we stopped using the dilation eye drops…hmmmm. We are pretty sure that the changes in his vision are causing him to be less confident and to back track in this area 😦 It will be nice to have the surgery over with and quit messing with his eyes!

Miles continues to do great in his Speech therapy sessions.  He now has close to 50 words and is starting to put 2 word phrases together! His favorite words this week are:  “church”, “floor” and “see”. His therapist no longer wants to see him twice a week, only once.

And, finally, on Sunday we moved Miles from the “crawler” nursery at church to the “toddler” nursery.   Even though Miles is not yet “toddling”, we felt he would fit in a little better in that environment. He did very well and one of my friends even said that he made friends with another little girl and had to be closely supervised in the tent 🙂

day 120




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22 10 2009

All these things are so great!! Miles is doing awesome. I can see the likeness of Greta in the first picture of him! I can’t believe how big he is getting!

22 10 2009

Don’t you ever feel like a mystery solver when trying to understand our children? Reading your process of connecting events together that could possibly be linked to Miles’ regression in pulling himself up to stand reminds me of what we went through trying to solve the mystery of Cayman’s reluctancy to sit independently.

I pray the surgery date comes and goes quickly with fantastic results!

22 10 2009

Oh and I wanted to say how thrilled I am to hear about all the words and phrases Miles is saying. He is amazing! I was looking at his pictures and trying to imagine that many words coming out of his mouth. Just blows me away!!

22 10 2009

Thats my boy!! bowchicka wow wow in tent. When I heard about him needing to be supervised in the tent I nearly fell off of my seat laughing. What a cool dude.

22 10 2009

Over 50 words! Wow oh wow!

Glad he is doing well in the nursery at church. I still don’t take Elisabeth. She just wouldn’t have a clue what to do in a room full of kids and toys.

Also glad to hear that the scheduled surgeries are almost complete. That will feel wonderful to cross those things off the list and just carry on with life 🙂

23 10 2009

he is growing up to be such a beautiful boy. I love hearing his updates. Thank you so much for sharing. Good luck with the last surgery:)

23 10 2009

Miles is a playa!! Hee hee hee sneaking a girl off to a tent already!!

24 10 2009

What a star! Sounds like he is doing great!
I am surprised about the one PT wanting to stop seeing him until he’s standing more…doesn’t make sense to me. Although I do understand them not wanting to make standing a negative experience.
I love the picture of him smiling! He is adorable!

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