29 10 2009

First of all, let me update you on our little friend, Matthew. His is now in  serious, but stable condition and his latest EEG showed no seizure activity. He is still sedated to give his brain and body a rest. Please do continue to pray for this wonderful little boy that the doctors would make wise decisions and that he would be back at home with his siblings!

Miles had 2 big Dr. appointments this week. On Tuesday, we met with Dr. Wright (Neurologist). She was pleased with how Miles is doing, but suspects that his backtracking on pulling up to stand may be because he is in pain from a tethered spinal cord. She ordered an MRI so we will know for sure. This of course would mean another surgery. We are praying that Miles is just being tempermental and that this is NOT the case. They will do the MRI on the day of his eye surgery (Nov. 19) because he will have to be sedated anyway. We will also be able to have the MRI read by Dr. Puccioni that same day.
Today we met with Dr. Puccioni (Neurosurgeon) and he thought Miles looked great. He dialed the pressure on his shunt down again. This will allow the fluid to drain even more quickly. The have had to slowly adjust it to a faster setting since his last big surgery. Adjusting it too quickly can lead to things collapsing inside the brain.
So, overall two good appointments. We are just praying that he does not have a tethered spinal cord.

Tonight, Greta and I have a date for You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, starring…..Daddy! I’m sure I will be posting photos soon 🙂




2 responses

30 10 2009

Hurray for overall good news. We’ll be hoping and praying along with you that it’s not a tethered spinal cord.

I’m looking forward to those pictures you said you’ll be posting soon. 😉

30 10 2009

Thank you for all the updates!! I hope for you also that he does not have a tethered spinal cord. And I’m glad that Dr. Puccioni will look at the MRI. He came and sat with me HIMSELF and visited while they reintubated Matthew last night. He is so kind and we love him. I’m glad he is Miles doctor too!
Before all this happened, I had planned on taking the kids to Charlie Brown Saturday night. I can’t wait to see pictures! Maybe we’ll still be able to go later…I love plays! The last play we saw was Jungle Book at Weslyn. That was fun!

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