crayon box.

9 11 2009

I am absolutely paranoid of my house looking like a day care. I am constantly trying to find clever ways of hiding things from sight.  We have two ottomans (ottomen?:)) in the living room with lids that are removable.  This is where we keep toys.  Greta is in a huge coloring phase right now. It seems that the crayons are always out on the dining room table. For my birthday this year, my friend dropped off a cookbook,  and this lovely box full of gourmet cupcakes.

1109 035

This lovely, feminine box now houses our crayons!

1109 034




2 responses

9 11 2009

My first thought when I saw that box…..

“hey, that’s from Hallmark!”

Can you tell that I worked there for almost 10 years?…lol

great idea though. And I am with you, I try to find pretty ways to contain all the kid stuff too!

9 11 2009

What a pretty box!! We recieved one of those in a plain color when we had Matthew. I love it and keep all his keepsakes in it! I need to buy more of them. What a pretty idea for storing colors!

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