children’s museum.

14 11 2009

Today we went to the Children’s museum with Greta’s preschool class. I took lots of great photos with her friends, but I won’t post them on here (I’d have to get consent from each parent first). Here are a few shots of the kids playing.

1109 040 1109 041

1109 044

1109 0421109 045

Of course, Greta found the cakes. This girl loooooves cake. For her birthday last year, she received 2 wooden cake sets from 2 separate people.  She played with them obsessively for about 6 months until she moved on to making her own cakes out of play-dough. Then of course there was the time she put some fresh parsley in an angelfood pan and asked me to put it in the oven. She was genuinely disappointed when I pulled the pan out of the oven and it hadn’t turned into an actual cake.

Then there is Miles and his choo-choo’s. This is his new favorite word and he makes sure to let us know whenever he sees a choo-choo (semi-trucks are also choo-choo’s) which is quite often, especially on the interstate on the way to Mommy’s work.





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