a day at the hospital.

20 11 2009

Miles had his eye surgery today. We have known this day would come since he was about 4 months old. It was nice to finally get it over with. We woke up early and drove to Omaha. We arrived at the hospital and got our “CARES” room. This has been the worst part in the past because Miles loves to crawl and explore and we are stuck in a small room with a big boy  uncomfortably restrained in a stroller. Today, we decided to let him crawl and explore the room. He was a much happier little guy.

Then Miles and Mommy had a little photo shoot. You can really see how his left eye crosses inward.

On the way home, Miles was NOT happy. The nurses gave us elbow splints to keep him from rubbing his eyes. Rubbing your eyes can cause the stitches to burst! yikes!

About 10 minutes into our drive home, we pulled up next to a semi-truck. I heard a quiet little voice in the back say, “choo-choo”- that’s when I knew he was doing just fine! By the time we got home, had a little dinner and watched a little veggie tales, Miles had figured out how to crawl with his elbow splints!





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20 11 2009
Jill Suzanne

oh poor baby! I just want to hug him! he’ll be as good as new soon enough 😀

20 11 2009
Alice Kubac

What a little sweetie ( and a trooper), hope this is his last surgery and hop his little eyes heal quickly!

20 11 2009
aly carlson

what a brave little man!! i hope that everything will just keep getting better and better for miles!

26 11 2009

That picture with him crying in his car seat with the splints on is the saddest, cutest thing! Poor boy! I hope he is recovering well from the surgery!

26 11 2009

Uh, I remember reading this post but I see I didn’t comment. I don’t know why that is. It must have been a busy day and I only had time for reading. I do that sometimes with the intention of coming back later to comment, but forget sometimes.

I’m so thankful that another surgery is behind Miles!

Happy Thanksgiving to the Lee family!

28 11 2009

I had surgery on my eyes also. Mine crossed when I had pressure build up after having a brain tumor removed. My parents had been told they would go back after having a shunt placed. WRONG!!! A year after 3 surgeries on both eye I saw the Neurosurgeon and first thing he says” I’m so glad her eyes corrected” My mom then told him about the surgeries. He hushed really fast because I had not got meds to keep swelling down and was the cause of my hydro but also my mom was told that day my shunt did not work and no need to remove it. Wrong and wronger… And it would have been nice if the doc would have said I had this condition called hydro…

Sorry for my venting… Your little man will feel great in no time. The eyes heal really fast. Good luck little man you will be seeing a new world very soon…

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