missing camera!

18 12 2009

I can  not find my camera anywhere! Which is very concering considering that Christmas and the children’s birthday parties are just around the corner. We will be doing some major cleaning tonight in the hopes that it will show up, but if not- my posts will be very blah!!

We got the MRI results and it appears as though Miles does have a tethered cord as well as a slight chiari malformation. She said they are nothing to get stressed about. His tether is mild. He will need surgery, but our Neurosurgeon does about 2 of these surgeries a week.

We are not looking forward to another surgery (#6), but are relieved to know there is a good reason why he has not been moving forward with his mobility.

Greta’s bedroom surprise is finished and I can’t wait to share photos.  I just need to find that camera!




3 responses

18 12 2009
Jill Suzanne

aaahh! emergency! find your camera!

19 12 2009

I hope you find your camera!! And I’m sorry about Miles surgery, but can’t wait to see him take off after it’s over!

21 12 2009

I’m glad you found your camera! What a panic!

I am so sorry Miles has to have another surgery. Number six! Wow, he’s working his way up to catch Cayman. She’s had eight. On the OTHER hand, there is comfort in knowing potential progress will be made once the surgery is behind ya. It gives you something to set your focus on and hopefully can bring your mind some ease. While I do understand, big or small, these things are never easy to face.

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