7 01 2010

I have been pretty much gone from blogging the entire month of December. The first week  I had rehearsals for the musical at church as well as all the last minute painting for the set. The 2nd week, we had the musical at church. The 3rd week was a whirlwind of preparing for Christmas, Miles’ MRI, Greta’s Birthday and my audition for another musical. We ended up having 3 family Christmases that pretty much took up 2 entire weeks due to all the snow! Then finally Miles’ Birthday. So here are the belated photos from all of December. I am missing a bunch of photos of Miles’ Birthday and Christmas as they are on my Mother’s camera. Enjoy!




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8 01 2010

That is an amazing, tall Christmas tree!! Hopefully it’s pre-lit or I can’t imagine how long something like that would take to put together! My favorite Christmas display though is all those stockings! Wow, you are blessed with a big family! Thanks for coming back to the blogosphere after a long absence. I missed you.

14 01 2010

ah ha ha ha ha! can’t stop laughing about the picture of greta pulling her lower eyelids/cheeks!
i love hearing stories about her. such an imagination!

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