on the day you were born.

7 01 2010

When you were born, the skin on your head was stretched so tightly, you couldn’t close your eyes.  We had to put special drops in for a few months to make sure your eyes wouldn’t dry out.  Those first months, some how God kept me from worrying about the future. Despite the fact that we literally had to turn your head for you as you slept because it was so heavy, despite the fact that your MRI’s showed very, very little brain tissue, despite the fact that everywhere we went we were greeted with stares. Not  “look at that new baby” stares, but stares of shock and then pity. We were instructed to stay home with you as much as we could those first months. We did. Staying in our own little world kept me from comparing you to others and worrying about what sort of life you would have.

As you got a little older,  the worry crept in.  I started to worry that you might not be able to have a full life. Then things started to happen… you laughed. You sat up. You crawled.  You started talking. And while you are not yet walking, I know it is just around the corner.

The best day of my life was the first day I heard your laugh. I was not sure I would ever get to hear you laugh.  When I heard that first chuckle, I was in disbelief. It felt like sparks were rushing to my limbs. That was when I knew everything would be OK.

Now you are 2.  I couldn’t be more proud of my son. My little soldier. My miracle.

Happy Birthday, Miles.

Miles’ birthday was January 3rd 🙂




6 responses

7 01 2010

Happy Birthday Miles!! You are truly a miracle!!

8 01 2010

This is a beautiful post. Brought tears to my eyes. Happy Birthday Miles!

11 01 2010

You said it so perfect, so beautiful! Happy Birthday Miles! You are a trooper, a strong little boy and an amazing miracle!

11 01 2010
Jill Suzanne

this also brought tears to my eyes. when he can read it will be a great gift to him 😀

21 01 2010

Happy Birthday!!! How did I miss that?? Miles is truly remarkable!

26 01 2010

I don’t know who you are, but I happened to be looking for a certain picture for a college project when I came upon a photo of Miles. I read not far into your blog when I discovered Miles has been up against some pretty tough medical issues. (I have a daughter who has had a liver transplant so I am no stranger to hospitals and all the junk that goes with it). Your words “despite the fact that your MRI’s showed very, very little brain tissue” struck me so deeply. I am a fourth year college student and I wanted to tell you everything is possible for your Miles. I have read case studies of people with very little brain tissue who are what most of us would deem “above normal”. Heck one was even a math genius with less than half a brain…I have a whole brain and I suck at math. 😉

I don’t know if you are a believer… I know in the 46 years God has seen fit to put me on this earth, that there is more to the wonders of the world than meets the eye and is vastly outside the realm of anything a doctor can explain. Our bodies are miracles… and they will compensate readily and make adjustments. Docs do not always have the answers. While stats may say one thing…remember there are other stats that say another thing. And remember too, Miles will keep amazing you with one miracle after another until he learns the word “can’t”. I most likely will not keep up with your blog… but I wanted you to know, as I am sure you have researched this beyond all reality, that miracles exist. Especially for your Miles. May God walk closely with your family each day and show you all the wonders he has in store for your Miles.

They told us my daughter would die. She is still here…and turns 20 this year. Although only1.5 years post transplant, she is alive with an okay quality of life. I plan to get the quality to terrific. We mothers can make that kind of difference.

Peace be with you,

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