a new normal.

1 02 2010

2 years ago, we were adjusting to “a new normal”.   Unfortunately, this new normal meant regular Dr.’s appointments with the neurosurgeon, neurologist, ophthalmologist, chiropractor, pediatrician, craniofacial team, physical therapy every week,  and eventually speech therapy 2 times a week.

We are again at a point where we are adjusting to a new normal. The Neurosurgeon doesn’t want to see him for a year, the Neurologist and ophthalmologist for 6 months, he is DONE with the craniofacial stuff and chiropractor. Now he only has physical therapy every other week and speech therapy once a week. What does all of this extra time mean for Mr. Miles?

More time to be a little boy!

We are so grateful.

This week, Miles learned how to climb down the stairs and his latest word is “dinosaur”. He says “Roar-saurs!!! rarrrrr!”.  It is the cutest thing.

He is still stubborn as ever with the walking.  He is climbing up on everything and getting good at getting  back down.This is great, because he had been doing somersaults to get off of the couch, etc! But now that he has mastered bending his knees and getting down, he does just that when you try to walk with him. He bends his knees and sits down!




4 responses

2 02 2010

Hooray for this new normal of less dr. appointments! I love the photo of his untied shoes. It goes along perfectly with the caption “More time to be a little boy”. 🙂

2 02 2010

I’m loving your new normal….and his little converses!

2 02 2010

wow, what an awesome new normal! have fun with your new free time!

2 02 2010

Oh what will you do with all that free time!! I hope we get there soon too!

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