weird bird.

9 02 2010

Being Greta’s mother is well…interesting. You just never know what this little girl will come up with next! Miles has had “the runs” for several days now and is pretty crabby. Joe’s back has been hurting him from shoveling the snow. So, what did dear Greta do???

She decided to have a surprise party for Daddy and Miles to “make them feel better”. And here are her decorations…

I know,  fabulous! Yes, she often decorates in this way. If there is a knob in the room, it is sure to be adorned with a necklace, shoe, purse or even tights.

Last week, Greta went on a special date with Daddy to see Mommy in her musical. Most little girls would be very excited to go see ladies in fancy dresses singing and dancing on stage. My little girl was very upset that she would not be able to be on stage.  In fact, I am told that during intermission she made an attempt to get on stage on perform herself!

She is just so fun! So much spunk! So much pizzazz! It is our challenge to help  mold her into a godly, gentle lady without squelching her Greta-ness! Any advice? 🙂




One response

9 02 2010

Adorable! I love that she tried to get up on the stage 🙂 That confidence will serve her well 🙂

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