the sister blog.

10 02 2010

Guess who has another blog??


Well, actually, it is my sister Jill and I. She lives in Switzerland with her dear husband, Christian. We only get to see  each other maybe once a year. I totally stole this idea from someone else, so please do not give me any credit 🙂

Here’s what we do:

Each day, we upload one photo of something taken during our day. Then we combine the photos on the blog. So each day has a photo from Jill and a photo from myself. It has been really fun to see what she posts each day, and if there are any patterns. The very best part is  to be able to “do” something with my sister every day!




4 responses

10 02 2010

Oh my goodness!!! I am totally going to do this with my sisters!!! And maybe I’ll get my brothers in on the action. A sibling blog.

That would be fun to surprise eachother with random photos….lol….I bet there would be some funny ones.

Thanks for the idea!

11 02 2010
Jacqulyn Miller

Do you read “Nie”? She was doing it over there.

11 02 2010

Jacqulyn- Wow! That is a cool blog(s)!! I actually stole the idea from someone on facebook. They just created an album, not an entire blog. It sure is a fun thing to do!

12 02 2010


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