just another day.

22 02 2010

Greta has a nasty cough, so she stayed home from preschool today. The kids are at a stage where they play so well together. We are truly blessed.

Miles is having another language explosion! He is starting to combine 3 words and is adding new words daily. He says some pretty big words now, like- “dinosaurs”, “medicine” and “basketball”! It is really overwhelming to be at a point where he can actually say more words than he can not!

He is still very scared of walking. We really think that he is strong enough to walk, but he is still very leery. We’ll get there eventually. We are praying that he will be walking sometime this summer so we can play outside!! He has mastered both climbing onto and off of the couch as well as climbing down the stairs.


“horse nose”

Miles really knows how to rock with his “tar”.




One response

23 02 2010

Miles sure is moving the statistical notch up in performance for the Hydrocephalus chart. His progress is astounding! How phenomenal it would be if he is walking this summer and playing outside so freely.

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