word wise.

24 02 2010

To illustrate just how much Miles is talking, I’ve decided to take a log of words said over a small period of time…

4:35 p.m.-5:05 p.m.

bed, colors, pretty, paper, thank you, eyes, nigh-night, puppies, up, up and down, up high, bedroom, orange, red, want, tractor, hide, seek, one, two, four, help, come, Greta, go, chair, ouch, sit down, no, woohoo, house, car, vroom-vroom, computer, page, meow, kitchen, horse, mine, wait, cow, sheep, time-out, stinky, crying, hungry, phone, guitar, want, uh-oh, Larry.

He continues to amaze us! He has started saying “Mommy” consistently. Every single time he says it.  I melt. He has also started to try to sing along to songs, and while he doesn’t have the whole pitch thing down, he is getting the concept of timing. Another really cool thing is that when it is time to pray, he starts to sing “thank you, Jesus”. The beginning of  a little prayer song we sometimes sing before meals.




5 responses

25 02 2010

Oh how fun!!!! I love love LOVE that stage when they’re just picking up new words all the time!! Adorable!

25 02 2010
Alexandra Thompson

Hi, I found your blog through Elijah. My daughter is 11 months old and was born with an occipital encephalocele. She also has hydro and a VP shunt, but her hydro is acquired as a result of the surgery rather than congenital. But regardless I watch Miles’s progress with joy and excitement and happiness for you all. Josie is hitting all her milestones on time, and I thank God for that. If she starts to fall behind or can’t achieve things in the future I will not love her one bit less. But still to see how well Miles is doing inspires me. And you deserve to have him do so well – your love for him
is inspiring too.

27 02 2010

Miles’ progress is just amazing! It’s so great to see him doing so well. Way to go Miles!

2 03 2010

He never ceases to amazing me. What a miracle he is!

12 03 2010

I am never ceased to be amazed either!! That kid’s language ability is phenomenal.

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