walk on.

12 03 2010

Nope, he’s still not walking. BUT-Miles is test driving a new walker. It is called the Kid Walk.  He did GREAT at the store when he first tried it, but they didn’t have carpet so it was much easier for him to manipulate.  We are working on using it at home 🙂 He does much better in the kitchen than the rest of the house because there is linoleum.  They sent us home with their “sample” and we have a week to see  if he likes it. If he does, we will be ordering one in lime green.  I will definitely post updates on how he takes to his new Kid Walk. Right now he mostly just makes teeny tiny little stepping motions and is still keeping his knees bent (like a Flintstone car)  Right now we are putting him in it 3 times a day. This allows him to work on getting around with out it as well. We are excited to be able to take him to the park and let him walk around on his own! Now it just needs to warm up.




4 responses

12 03 2010

Oh wow! That seems so exciting!! He sure looks comfortable and confident in it. Are you going to post a video? I’m staring at the pictures trying to imagine how big and amazing he looks walking in it!

15 03 2010

That is so great!! He will love the independence it gives him, even if he doesn’t love it too much right now.

16 03 2010

Yay! That’s great, he’ll become a pro in no time! He’s looks like such a big kid now 🙂 loosing his baby look! Keep up the great work Miles!

18 03 2010

hi ! i jumped from lisa’s blog, (bytheway, i am not heidi, i am her daughter, Abbey!!!!!) he is so CUTE!!!! CUTE !CUTE!CUITE CUTIEEEEEEE!

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