snuggly guy.

6 04 2010

Miles has become an increasingly snuggly, cuddly little man. His new favorite place in the house is sitting on this chair in our bedroom. His best buddy usually joins him soon after. I myself have been known to sit with the kids in that chair and cuddle for as long as they will let me. In the past, Miles would not want to sit anywhere for any period of time. Especially if Mommy was trying to get some snuggles in!

But today was a different kind of day!

I trade childcare for a membership to a work-out facility here in town. I go watch children for 2 hours a week and receive an unlimited membership. Not too shabby! Today I was fulfilling my childcare responsibilites and had Greta and Miles with me, of course. There were a couple of young babies that required me to hold them (which I did not mind one iota!) Miles was starting to get jealous so I picked him up and said, “oh, do you need a little snuggle?” Then put him back down so he could play. Miles is normally very easy going and not the jealous type. A few minutes later, I picked up one of the little babies and Miles crawled right up to my feet crying and whimpering, saying “I suggle!! I suggle!!!”  It was sooo cute, of course I obliged. I was actually very proud of him for asserting himself! We will work on  the S-N part of snuggle some other time 😉




One response

7 04 2010

thanks for sharing your site. i read the ‘talking about it’ and i agree completely

and miles looks like such a fun little boy! greta is adorable too

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