The Miles Lee Post.

14 05 2010

Look, Ma! No hands! One hand!

Miles has been doing this more and more! He seems to be completely over his phase of refusing to pull himself up.  He is now pulling up on anything he can. He even pulls up on Mommy’s legs, which I adore! Miles has also advanced in his cruising abilities.  Now, we place our dining room chairs across the living room about 1 foot from each other so he has to work to get from one chair to the other. To entice him, we often use the phonics website starfall on the laptop. Miles LOOOOVES starfall. He gladly follows the laptop as it moves from chair to chair!

He is the sweetest, cuddliest little guy you could imagine. He has learned how to give kisses, and while he is stingy on who he gives them to, once you are in his little circle—he is quite the smoocher!

Miles now knows his name. He pronounces it “Mizles”. It is adorable and every time he says it he looks so proud.

Some of his favorite things right now are elephants, cows, horses, trains, trucks, cars and cheese 🙂




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14 05 2010

I have never heard of Starfall before this evening when I was over at my in-laws for supper. My niece Sidney, 6 years old, comes up and asks Grandma Sue if she can get on her laptop to play Starfall. I asked her “What is starfall? Is that a game online or something?” She paused for a moment and says, “I’ll be right back.” She enters the next room and says, “Daddy is Starfall a game online?”. And then she returns to me notifying me that “yes it is online”.

It cracked me up.

And now when I read in your post that Miles likes starfall I can say “hey I know what that is.” 🙂

14 05 2010

Small world! 🙂 We usually just do the letter sounds and pictures, not any of the actual games.
He gets SO excited for the letter E (elephant) and K (kittens!!!).

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