It fell from the SKY.

19 08 2010

So, a couple years ago Joe bought me a camera for Mother’s Day. I used it a lot. With small kids and a dorky blogging hobby, it really got a lot of use. Then the charger broke. I was camera-less. It drove me insane.

A couple months later, I ordered a replacement charger for that camera. It worked for all of 3 weeks and then broke.  That was a few months ago.  I’ve managed to take a few photos with our video camera, but it does not work well at all for stills.

Next week we leave for our very first family vacation to Joe’s Grandmother’s vacation home in Wyoming. Our Plan A vacation fell through and she graciously told us we were more than welcome to come stay for a week!

Earlier this week, I flippantly posted on facebook that I wished a camera would fall from the sky. Not that I deserve to have a working camera, but I just really wanted to have one that worked for our vacation.


You will never guess what came in the mail today——

A package from the sky???


Really. REALLY!

I put my best detective cap on…hmmm…the paper used to print our address… and the familiar penmanship on the words “the sky”…the zip code it was shipped from… you know, by the mall…and also, there are very few people on this earth who are kind enough, thoughtful enough and generous enough to send someone a brand new camera…must be someone who knows me really well. Someone who knows just how much I would appreciate a camera. Sounds like an old friend.

I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!! (Er, at least I’m 95.6% sure)

I am plotting as we speak to get you back. And, if by chance I am wrong, someone else out there will receive a surprise package one day and will feel as loved and blessed as I do today.

P.S. LOTS of vacation photos to come 🙂

And since my new camera is purple, I’m hoping that some one will ask me “where did you get your camera” so I will be able to say, “It fell from the sky!”




5 responses

19 08 2010

How COOL!!

20 08 2010

What a touching story!

20 08 2010

How awesome!

20 08 2010

How exciting! I love all the pictures you take and am anxious to see what you come up with using your new camera!

22 08 2010

THat is absolutely phenomenal!!!! What a generous, kind person !

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