Wyoming Vacation, Part deux.

24 08 2010

So, yesterday I posted some photos of scenery. Then, today Joe drove us to a lake he has visited since childhood. It was so beautiful, it makes yesterday’s photos obsolete!

Meet Lake Marie. This lake is literally right off the highway into Saratoga. We pulled over, got out of the car, walked a few feet and were right there. Right there as in, Greta’s shoes and socks were wet 🙂 And Miles was finally able to “splash the water!”, which is what he would yell from the car every single time we drove by any type of water. I have been hearing about this lake for years now.  Everyone in Joe’s family goes on and on about how gorgeous it is, and let me say, it did not disappoint.

Then we ventured off to a small little mountain town (population 100) for a little ice cream and cookies.

We also went swimming and ate lunch at a place called Stumpy’s. heehee.




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24 08 2010

Today was the highlight of my vacation so far. Lake Marie was absolutely just as amazing as I remember it. Swimming with Miles was a particular treat.

And seriously what was up with Greta’s shoulders in that picture???

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