menu planning.

4 09 2010

Menu planning is something that I do every week.  Each weekend, I take a look in the pantry, freezer and fridge at the ingredients that we have. Then, I make a list of meals we would like to have for the following week. This helps me to use up anything from the previous week before it goes bad. On the list I also include any treats or other items we’d like to have for the week, for instance, homemade granola or cookies. I create my grocery list from this list of meals. This is an incredibly helpful habit to get into. Not only does it save us money, but there is no “what should I make for dinner?” at our house! If you don’ t already do this, I highly recommend it!

So… I have decided to do something new here at

Menu Mondays

Each Monday (hopefully :)) I will post our Menu Plan for the following week, along with links to the recipes!

Now, I’m off to make my Menu and grocery list for next week.




One response

4 09 2010

Sounds great! We should really do that at my house….we have far too many of those “what am I going to make for dinner?” nights….

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