transforming tomatoes.

18 09 2010

Having a garden this year has been great! We have learned so much about what to plant next year. Our garden is still producing squash, peppers, kale and tomatoes. Last year I posted about how to use up your abundance of summer squash. I am fascinated with canning and preserving and have tried quite a few things with my tomatoes this year. Take a look!

Salsa!- Ok, so this one is a no brainer. But, this year I made and canned several cans of this good stuff. We are enjoying it with corn chips, but I am looking forward to using it in several recipes this winter.

Sun-dried Tomatoes (er..oven-dried)- These are a snap to make. I just halved some cherry tomatoes, drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper and baked on the lowest temp with the oven door cracked until they were dried (leathery, not hard). These store fine in a ziplock in the fridge. I love sun-dried tomatoes in salads, pasta sauces and stews.

Marinara- This is why I wish I would have planted more tomatoes! I would have loved to be able to can a BUNCH of marinara sauce, but was only able to make a little- so I froze it.

Cherry tomatoes- I halved a bunch of cherry tomatoes and individually froze them on cookie sheets before placing them in ziplocks. I will use them for crock pot meals.




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24 09 2010

Wow, that is a beautiful stash of tomatoes for later.

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