what a weekend!

19 09 2010

This weekend, we had house guests! Joe’s cousin Jeanna (my old boss) and her daughter Abi came to stay. We had such a fun time with them! Friday night, we ate, visited and watched a little Gigi. Saturday it was straight to the Lincoln Children’s Museum. We have been to the museum several times, but this was the first time that Miles had free reign to explore however he wanted. He did really well, despite a few head bumps 🙂 Greta and Abi had a blast too. And every once in awhile, as I was following Miles around, I’d scan the place and find Abi and Greta playing, but not Jeanna. Then, I’d keep looking and there she would be off by herself playing with some toy!! That is one of the things I love about Jeanna. Not only is she loving and generous, but she is extremely goofy and fun!! After the museum, we had lunch at Noodles and Co. and Saturday night, we had a girls night out at the movies. They even joined us for church and lunch today. We had SO much fun and now we are all exhausted. Early bedtimes tonight! Here are some snapshots of our fun weekend.

Of course, Greta found the costumes and stage and performed for the audience of parents (who actually cheered her on!)

Miles and the firetruck. He loved this thing. He would go play somewhere for a couple minutes, but he would always come right back to the firetruck.

On the horse!

Greta playing with insects.

Miles splashing in the water.

Jeanna paying for her pizza at the pizza shop.


Miles J. Lee, Veterinarian

Look how TALL he is! My boy is getting so big. Sigh.




2 responses

23 09 2010

Splash water, splash water

Seriouslygreta looks downright scary in that face paint

24 09 2010

House guests are fun!!

Miles looks so strong and certain of himself when he’s standing.

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