Easiest Chicken broth.

28 10 2010

Making your own chicken broth is an easy, peasy way to save money. If you are someone who uses chicken broth, you know how expensive it is. Bullion cubes and crystals just don’t taste the same! This “recipe” is so incredibly easy and I like to make it whenever I will need cooked chicken for a lot of recipes during the week. That way I can stockpile  some broth in the freezer and save time by cooking my chicken before I need it.

Step 1. Grab your largest stock pot.

Step 2. Throw in uncooked chicken (whole, breasts, legs, anything)and any random vegetable scraps you have lying around. Things like carrots, peppers, onions, garlic, asparagus, celery and parsley work well.

Step 3. Fill pot with water and cook until chicken is done, but still juicy.

Step 4. Remove chicken and simmer to reduce broth.

Step 5. Strain and smoosh juices from the veggies into the broth. Season with salt as desired.

Step 6. Refrigerate at least 3 hours. Skim fat from the top of broth using slotted spoon.

Step 7. Transfer to freezable containers and freeze!

I got 12 cups of chicken broth from this batch. It is so much better for you than the store bought broth and soooo much cheaper.




3 responses

29 10 2010

Much easier than I imagined! Thanks!

31 10 2010

I am definitely going to try this! Thanks!

3 11 2010

Hmmm. Interesting!

I hadn’t really thought about trying to make broth this way. Might have to try it next time I make chicken tortilla soup!

How long does it keep when frozen?

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