Christmas 2010.

28 12 2010

I actually wrote a long post detailing our Christmas weekend. Then, I deleted it.

The important thing to know is- Miles had a fever all weekend. He had a bad seizure. We had 2 ER trips. He’s still not quite himself, but fever free and doing much better.

While the hospital trips were neither fun nor a part of the Christmas we wanted to have, the time spent with our families between the drama was wonderful.

We are truly blessed with great families! Not sure which family members will read this, but- thank you to my Daddy who tenderly stood by us at the ER.  I love you SO much! Thank you to my brother, Eric- for taking good care of us and giving a hug at just the right time. Thank you to Mom, Jill, Christian and Uncle Greggy for making Greta’s Christmas special and fun. Thank you to Co-K and Papa K, for giving us a lovely Christmas Day. Thank you to Dennis and Becky for always opening your home to us. And for bringing us dinner in the ER! Finally, thank you to my wonderful husband who knew just what to do with his grumpy, sobbing wife in the ER (2nd trip). I love you.

Hopefully, Miles is on his way to being completely back to normal. The important thing is…

“…a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.” -Luke 2:11




One response

28 12 2010

My heart breaks! It’s an awful pain to watch your child go through something like this. It was touching that while in the midst of so much stress you felt the gratefulness of all those great family members that helped you not go through it alone. *hugs*

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