3 01 2011

You are three today! I can not believe it has been three whole years since the first day we met. But, what I really can not believe is all that you have been through in your short life. Looking at your sparkling smile, you would never know what you have had to overcome. You are an enormous blessing. The kind of  profound blessing that we get to receive each and every day. Every time you smile, every time you say, “Mom”, every time you dance, every single time you learn something new, we are reminded to be thankful.  You have taught us (and many other family members, friends, and strangers) so much about life and love. I always dreamed of having a son, but could have never in my wildest dreams, have fathomed a son as remarkable as you.  I love you more than I knew was possible.


Here are some of the things you are up to as you turn three…

-You adore dinosaurs. Dino Dan is the best thing in the world right now!

-You are starting to have 2 way conversations. My favorite one is this-


Me: “What?”

Miles: “I wuv you.”

Me: “I love you, too.”

-You have a sweet tooth and often ask for cookies even though we don’t usually have any. You are persistent and hopeful 🙂

-You love to dance and jump! You do these on your knees, but enjoy dancing and jumping regardless.

-When we go to Mimi and Papa’s house, you will not rest until someone takes you downstairs to see the trains.

-You are really starting to enjoy singing.

-Some of your favorite things to play with are; your guitar, tent, dinosaurs, matchbox cars, and of course, your one and only- puppy.

-Some of your favorite things to eat are; walnut & honey pizza, tomatoes, goat’s cheese, grapes, and anything SWEET!

-You are very affectionate, but only if it is your idea 🙂

-Your first crush is Giselle from Enchanted. When any Disney movie starts and you see the Disney castle, you yell, “True Love’s kiss!! Giselle! Yay!”


Happy Birthday, Miles!




2 responses

3 01 2011

Happy Birthday Miles!!! Keep flashing that sparkling smile. You melted my heart today.

3 01 2011
Amy Grynol

Happy Birthday, Miles! Hope your birthday brings all the cookies, goat cheese, and walnut and honey pizza you can eat and an extra viewing of Enchanted so you can see the lovely Giselle!!

Hugs from Amy, Brad, and Claire!

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