cheesy to chic.

10 01 2011

You know those cheesy butterflies that some people have hanging on the exterior of their homes? I remember being a little girl and wishing that my parents would get some of those awesome butterflies to hang on our house. That was the 80’s and even then, my parents thought they were tacky.

They were right. Now, you can find them if you really search…still adorning peoples homes. I think we’ve found a better use for those lovely creatures.

My sister in law, is an expert at thrifting. She will see something interesting in a thrift store and get a vision for it. She found a set of these butterflies and thought they would be great painted and hanging in Greta’s bedroom. She was right!

I think these butterflies are much happier here than hanging up on some sad beige siding 🙂




2 responses

11 01 2011

Oh you are so right!! They’re great!! That helps widen my mind to view things differently in a thrift shop…not always a strong point of mine. Now the desire is planted to redo Cayman’s room. 🙂 But…I better wait. First things first, I to this baby. 🙂

25 01 2011

yes, they look much better painted pink and in this setting — brilliant!

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