the boy in the plastic bubble.

2 04 2011

Ugh. I am so frustrated right now! We have been purposely keeping Miles home and especially away from other children during flu season. When he gets sick of course there is always a chance of a seizure, but even worse- he regresses on progress he has made both physically and cognitively. It’s getting warmer here and for goodness sake, it is April! We have started to take him out a little more and were planning on even letting him go to church tomorrow for the first time in months.

Today, he is sick. The kind of sick that you have to clean up :0 I am really praying that this does not affect his walking.  I know we can’t keep him home and away from other children forever, but we just wanted to get his walking established first before we work to build up his immunities. Sheesh!

Please excuse me while I go mope and eat some nutella from the jar.

*For the record, I am a huge Boy in the Plastic Bubble fan (the John Travolta version, of course)




One response

2 04 2011

I’m so sorry, Sheri. I’ll pray that the worst thing that comes out of this bout of sickness is whatever you are currently cleaning up. ; ) Seizures suck, and I really, really hope you don’t see one this time.

It’s funny that you should blog about this subject (sickness and seizures after triumphant progress.) After having an amazing morning yesterday and tracking with her eyes like it was going out of style, Claire had 2 small seizures yesterday afternoon. They each lasted less than 20 seconds, but they were still heart-breaking to watch. I am so afraid that the seizures will cause her to regress with her vision / tracking and we’ll lose all of the hard work we’ve put in. To top it all off, I seem to have picked up a bug, so I’m trying my hardest not to pass it on to her.

I wish there were some miracle “cure” for seizures – I would pay dearly for it!

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