stage fever.

14 05 2011

What’s the opposite of stage fright? It must be stage fever, and Greta has it!  Today, Greta had her first big dress rehearsal. Her first recital is next weekend. I new she would love dance class, but I was not quite prepared for what I saw on stage.  The video below really does not do it justice. If you could see her face, you would see that she is positively beaming! I have actually never seen her happier than she was on stage. Incredible.

But then, I’m not sure why I’m so surprised. Her dance teacher asked me, “what did you do to her??” (to get her to be the way she is). I told her that she is what happens when two Musical Theatre performers get married! Greta wasn’t the least bit shy or timid on that huge stage.  In fact, the first time through, she skipped literally ALL over the stage! -Not quite the choreography, but she was certainly very entertaining and I had several people come up to me and remark on how fun she was to watch. I think so, too!




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15 05 2011
design client

I love that song! It’s a longtime favorite. I often sing it to Bean in the mornings. I so wish we could go see Greta’s performance! We’ll be out of town. PLEASE get a recording of the performance too, hermana! Bean will go nuts over it. 🙂

16 05 2011
Mark J. Geist

Wow…WOW. That musical got me through many a depressing day over in the desert, away from family and friends. Watching this, I can’t keep from smiling. Greta is epic. When is her recital?

16 05 2011

I look forward to meeting and knowing Greta in person. I am so shy and quiet…have been my whole life. There is a curiosity I have and I just want to see Greta’s sparkling personality in person. She is adorable!

17 05 2011
Sherri Lee

Mark- the recital is Sunday!
Kristen- I really admire quiet people. It takes self control. A lot of the time, us outgoing people just *can’t* shut up!! 🙂

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