purge it!

3 06 2011

We are Americans. We all have too much stuff.

About a year ago, I started purging our things whenever I would deep clean. The result is that each month I typically donate about 2 large garbage bags full of toys, clothes and STUFF.  It is beyond me how we could possibly have such a steady stream of STUFF coming into our home. Where does it even come from?? You would think that we would have nothing left after getting rid of so much each month; sadly, not so.

Here are some of my purging tips:

*Do one room at a time.

*Ask, when is the last time I used/wore this?

*Ask how many of these do I have and how many do I need?

*Get rid of any broken, worn out items.

Could some one else get more use out of this? (For instance, if you are keeping a baby swing for your daughter to use with her dolls, a real baby somewhere would be able to enjoy it much more!)

*Does this item make my life easier or harder?

*Just like they do on TV, create a trash bag and a donate bag.

*Keep up with it. Purge at least every couple months. You will be surprised at how much you are able to get rid of each time.

Wishing you a less cluttered home and mind!




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