homemade oven cleaner.

7 06 2011

My dear husband successfully baked our lunch on Sunday! He also successfully made a greasy mess in the bottom of our oven.  In my experience, most oven spills can just bake off, but come dinner time last night- the kitchen was filled with smoke and a less than lovely smell. Tonight is our last session of Women’s Bible study at our house and of course I wanted to bake something special. This means, no time to run the oven on self cleaning and I’m not about to go buy some scary toxic cleaner. Here is what I did-

Sprinkle a generous covering of salt and baking soda in the bottom of the cold oven. Remove racks.

Scrub with an old scrubbing brush until everything is loosened up. Sweep the used up soda and salt out of the oven. I actually used the hose attachment from our vacuum 🙂

Then spray and wipe down the inside with your vinegar/water cleaner. Use an OLD rag.

That was all it took! No toxic chemicals going into our cupcakes for tonight!!

Without this:

There would have been no this:




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7 06 2011

you’ve inspired me to clean my oven!

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