my husband, the farmer.

9 06 2011

Those of you who know my husband know that he would definitely not make a good farmer. His degree is in vocal music performance. He enjoys more indoor type activities 😉  Joe definitely falls into the category of geek, dork, nerd and techie.  He is a far cry from the type of man my Grandfathers were.

Or is he?

A farmer works hours and hours to provide for his family. If a farmer gets sick during harvest, no matter, there is work to be done. We are not talking 9-5 work or even 9-7 kind of work. We are talking 15 hour days or more sometimes!

My modern day, techie husband is just like that. Yes, his job is a desk job, but he puts in so many hours and even at his sickest, he will still work.  It doesn’t hurt that he absolutely loves his job, but I admire greatly his desire to work hard and provide for his family. Oh, and did I mention that he never complains about the long hours?  I pray every day that his hard work will pay off and for him to be blessed greatly.

Happy Birthday!

To my hardworking, sweet husband.

May this year bring you a little more relaxation 🙂




One response

9 06 2011

What a wonderful husband! That is a very good prayer for a wife to say!

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