16 06 2011

Sunday night after bath time, I was brushing Miles’ hair and discovered a large fluid filled spot.  Immediately, I called the Neurosurgeon’s office. The Dr. on call said it was most likely just the result of his surgery 2 years ago, but that I should call and talk to our Dr. on Monday morning.

Monday morning, I called the office and explained that it felt like he had a squishy apricot on the back of his head. They said as long as he was acting normal (which he was) that it was non-emergent. They still wanted to see him on Thursday just to rule out shunt malfunction.

Today we saw the Neurosurgeon. He ordered a CT scan and shunt series (set of x-rays of the shunt and tubing) to rule out malfunction and checked the shunt pressure. Poor Miles. I’m not sure how many CT scans he has had 8?9? As he has gotten older, these have gotten more and more difficult. He doesn’t understand why they are strapping him down and taping his head into place while Mommy is saying, “It’s OK” over and over.  Whenever we have a blood draw or CT scan done, I kindly tell the medical personnel that Miles is very strong and we will probably need at least 2 extra people. Sometimes they believe me, sometimes they don’t. In the end, Mommy is always right. Those radiologists (along with Miles and myself) really worked up a sweat getting the CT and X-ray done.  Yes, it took 4 of us to get the tests done.

We saw the Dr. immediately afterward. The CT and X-rays were clear! He explained to us that if your scalp has never been peeled back, your scalp is basically glued to your skull. Since Miles has had his scalp peeled back twice, a simple bump can cause fluid to collect between his skull and scalp.  A kiddo with a normal head would have gotten a goose egg, but Miles got a squishy apricot. So, this is something that should just go away on its own and something that could happen again.

We are so thankful for your prayers and for the fact that Miles’s shunt is still working well. We are grateful that God has protected Miles from another surgery.

Oh, how I love that bumpy, squishy head!




3 responses

16 06 2011

Great news!!! I am so relieved to hear that the shunt is good!

We just had to have three people to hold down Owen today for an eye exam. They are getting too strong! I wonder though if Owen is vulnerable to the same thing since his surgery?

16 06 2011
Sherri Lee

Michelle, I would think so. I’m thinking it’s probably not something we will have to worry about forever, but it has only been 2 years since Miles’ cranial remodeling and even less since Owen’s!

25 06 2011
Josephine Andersen

I only just saw this! So glad that everything is fine. These kiddos do like to keep us on our toes!! Well, more like on our knees I suppose…!

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