first half of summer.

19 07 2011

It appears as though I am taking the summer off from blogging! Oh, not so! I just have been preoccupied. I spent about 3 weeks in horrible pain due to a tooth that desperately needed a root canal. Feels SO much better now! Then Miles got the flu. And I got the flu…then Greta, and finally Joe.

So, forgive me- here are a few snapshots of our summer so far.

Recital Day.

Ice cream after the recital.

Joe and his Dad (Dennis) rockin’ out on stage.

Greta’s new obsession with wearing Miles’ pajamas 🙂

Playin’ with sticks.

Greta attacking me with a water balloon.

Working in the garden.

Splashing with Nana!

Growing up.




3 responses

20 07 2011
Mark J. Geist

Yay! I check this every day just hoping there will be something new and today there was! Such great pictures of one of my favorite families! I want to go to one of Greta’s recitals. I want dates! 🙂

20 07 2011
Jill Suzanne

Yay! Greta and Miles are getting older!

Now you need to blog everyday to make up for your lack of it 😉

21 07 2011

I’m glad I’m not the only one that does their updates for the last month or so all in one big entry! Looks like you had a lot of fun, despite the tooth!

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